Radio City Video Static

Radio City Productions has sued Barco Media and Entertainment for breach of contract concerning a giant, multimillion-dollar screen for Radio City Music Hall that left the venue with “persistent and embarrassing (display) malfunctions” and “damages of at least $6 million,” according to the lawsuit.

Madison Square Garden Entertainment President Jay Marciano described the screen as “the largest in-door, high-definition LED screen in the country” and called the company’s experience with Barco an unmitigated disaster.

“The screen has not functioned properly, and despite five months of attempts to rectify its considerable problems, Barco was unable or unwilling to resolve the issues,” Marciano said in a statement May 3rd.

Radio City is seeking a full refund of $4 million for the screen and $1.8 million for additional costs related to installation.

Barco says it “firmly states that it has taken full responsibility as a professional supplier and has offered the customer a full and final technical solution. …The matter is now being referred to Barco’s legal counsel for further advice and appropriate steps are being taken to counter the allegations by RCMH.”

According to the lawsuit, the written agreement between Barco and Radio City regarding the design, supply and installation of the screen states Barco is to repair or replace defects free of charge as long as Radio City took necessary steps toward proper installation and identified the defects within an agreed time frame.

The screen hasn’t worked since it was installed in October and has also malfunctioned during performances at the hall, according to the suit.

Reliability issues with the screen forced the venue to modify events, the lawsuit claims. Radio City says it will face costs associated with removing and disposing of the screen, acquiring a replacement and attorneys’ fees.

Barco, headquartered in Belgium, produces video and display products worldwide, including screens used in theatres, sports arena scoreboards and concert venues.

The company provided display LED tiles for Rascal Flatts‘ upcoming spring and summer touring schedule and was a part of U2‘s Vertigo, Foo Fighters‘ Foozer, and Santana‘s Embrace Your Light tours.