‘Illness’ Stops Depeche Mode Gig

A Depeche Mode concert in Kansas City was cut short in a strange twist of events that included “technical difficulties” and muddled lyrics before the lead songwriter took over singing for the lead singer.

Some who drove hours to see a band that rarely tours told The Kansas City Star that lead singer Dave Gahan appeared anxious and upset while the band struggled through their first six songs. After the band had to restart the song “Stripped,” Gahan messed up the lyrics.

After a brief huddle onstage, lead songwriter Martin Gore performed two songs, while the crowd of about 5,500 was told the band was experiencing “technical difficulties.”

Depeche Mode’s road manager eventually announced Gahan could no longer perform, telling fans, “We are unable to continue because we have lost our man in the middle.”

Gore told the crowd Gahan had suffered a “medical emergency,” and after Gore sang three more songs, the concert abruptly ended 50 minutes after it started.

Mitch Schneider, the band’s publicist, told The Associated Press on Thursday that the concert ended earlier than expected because Gahan was ill.

“Gahan lost his voice due to laryngitis, and that’s the explanation,” Schneider told The Associated Press.

Mike Winkler, one of the fans in the audience, said Gore’s performance was small comfort.

“There was some consolation having Martin come out,” Winkler said. “But I wish he could have done more.”

Associated Press