Elvis Du Soleil

CKX and Cirque du Soleil are planning to produce a series of Elvis Presley-themed shows to debut in 18 months, but details are sketchy.

“I would not want to speculate on exactly how Cirque will do [the shows],” CKX chairman Robert FX Sillerman said. “All I know is that whatever they do will be spectacular.”

The shows will focus on Presley’s life and music, Sillerman said, and Cirque will help design interactive, multimedia museums called “Elvis Experiences.” The shows are still in the concept stage but will be designed for large concert halls or stadiums.

“Although there may be ways that they portray Elvis, it’s not going to be an Elvis impersonator show,” Sillerman said.

CKX owns a majority stake in Elvis Presley Enterprises and controls rights to Presley’s likeness. Sillerman also recently dismissed talk that his company was about to crack down on Elvis impersonators.

“The only comment I have made about the future of Elvis impersonators was simply an answer to a reporter’s hypothetical question,” he said. “In truth, the issue is not something we at CKX are actively looking into.”