John Dittmar, booking agent / Pinnacle Entertainment

Trying to put into words the beauty that was Ian is like trying to describe music. He was always kind, humble, funny, sincere. You can attempt to put him into words, but you really need to have experienced him for yourself to truly understand. Everyone who knew Ian knows what I mean. “Le Roi,” as his close friends called him, was indeed the king. We will miss him dearly.

Brent Smith, booking agent / William Morris Agency

Ian Copeland was one very special human being. His generosity and friendship was enjoyed by many, many people. It is fair to say that when Ian changed the face of how music was seen and presented, he shared his vision with us all. I, for one, can honestly say I would not be where I am today without his guidance, honesty and great sense of loyalty. My mind reels with the many stories one could tell. God bless you, Leroy, and we will meet again one day!

Michael Chugg, promoter / Chugg Entertainment

When Ian was at FBI, he totally changed the landscape of music in the U.S. and made an enormous impact on the entire industry. That can be said of very few people. What’s even more unusual about Ian is that we are an industry in which, whenever we get together, people tend to look around the room to see if there’s somebody more important than the person they’re talking to. Ian was just as interested in listening to somebody who was a high school student as he was to somebody who considered himself very important in our business. Ian was always ahead of the curve – he didn’t follow other people. When you look at some of the people that he hired, important players in this industry, you realize what a keen eye for talent, both musically and in terms of people with very long careers in our business, Ian had.

Gregg Perloff, promoter / Another Planet Entertainment

Besides all of his amazing human characteristics, when Ian first came here he developed systems of touring that previously had not existed. When he couldn’t get his acts booked with the existing network of promoters, in some places he went out and created a new breed of promoter. As the business continued and his acts got bigger, Ian gave opportunities to people like myself who were not major promoters. We were guys who had done club shows and Ian allowed us to grow with his acts. He saw things in that group of people that no one else saw, I can tell you that. All the big agents wouldn’t sell to the people I’m talking about. A lot of this group of people are now our industry leaders.

Andy Hewitt, promoter / Andrew Hewitt Entertainment

Ian Copeland was truly a great guy who went out of his way to try to make his deals fair to all sides involved and he always did it with a smile on his face, even if he was yelling at you. Our industry has lost one of the real originals. I had the pleasure of working with him on both sides of the fence as he represented acts for me as an agent and I also had the pleasure of promoting a number of his artists. We had a mutual trust and always had a great time together. Rock on Le Roy.

Charlie Brusco, promoter / Alliance Artists, Ltd.

This is one of the saddest days of my life. I loved Ian Copeland. He was a true friend and a gentleman. He loved me. We were friends. To be a friend of this man is a very meaningful thing in our lives. He was always there for me and I suspect he always will be. But I will miss him as he will truly be missed, more than he ever knew. I hope he believed me as I spoke to him during this recent hard time he went through. All I can add is I hope everyone will get themselves checked for this monster that took my friend all too soon, as I am living proof that it can be defeated, and we can live on. Long live Leroy, with all my love, admiration and respect.

Danny Zelisko, promoter / Live Nation

Ian Copeland was a one of a kind and a major role model for me as I was entering the business. The legacy he created and spirit he lived embodies rock and roll. Hope I have half as much fun as he had by the time I go.

Marc Geiger, booking agent / William Morris Agency

I can honestly say that I owe my career to Ian Copeland. This guy represented everything that was alternative and independent. He refused to even consider the notion that one must submit to any of the expected pomposity that comes from those who wish to pretend that we’re doing something other than booking a rock concert. I was spoiled early. He put me in business and I assumed everyone was going to be that nice and normal. Isn’t that a laugh? How lucky we all were to be touched by him.

Seth Hurwitz, promoter / I.M.P.