Love Planet Moves To Prague

Serge Grimaux and Robert Porkert’s Love Planet Festival looks to have a brighter future since it shifted to Prague.

The 2-year-old event was knocked out of orbit when Audioslave and HIM had to pull out because of changes to their recording schedules, causing the Live Nation-Interkoncerts directors to cut the festival from two days to one and move it from Tabor to the Czech capital.

It turned out to be more than a loss-cutting exercise. The response from Prague was so positive that the second day has resurrected.

“Ticket sales were ahead of last year but we began to feel that two major cancellations within a couple of weeks had maybe shaken people’s faith in it,” Grimaux told Pollstar.

“It’s very unfortunate but these things do happen from time to time. However, that doesn’t stop people thinking when the third cancellation might come.

“So, we decided to recreate it as a one-dayer and move to Prague and still have a great event.”

While they were restructuring the bill and looking for replacement acts, the renewed interest from the city meant Porkert and Grimaux soon realized it was possible to add Franz Ferdinand and go with a two-day lineup that could also include Ice T & Bodycount, The Rasmus, Pet Shop Boys, and Ministry.

Love Planet is now in central Prague at the 15,000-capacity Exhibition Centre Grounds June 11-12.

– John Gammon