Nuke Finds Firmer Launch Pad

Having moved Nuke Festival to a site less prone to flooding, Harry Jenner didn’t really get a chance to test the new ground as this year’s Austrian event basked in two days of glorious sunshine.

After last year’s deluge, which turned the field into a sea of mud, he was relieved to see only one short shower and that was when the action was on the indoor stage.

“The main stage area is on a concrete surface and so the ground can’t get waterlogged like it did last year,” Jenner explained, pleased that the weather didn’t put the new site to the test.

The only water around was in the nearby River Praisen and the only fans to get wet were the hundreds who took a dip to cool down from the baking sunshine.

The three-day event pulled 30,000-plus, which is roughly equal to three-quarters of the new site’s capacity.

Jenner said the other advantages of being at St. Poelton, regarded as the capital of south Austria, are the site’s close proximity to a railway station and a main highway.

Among the acts managing to keep their feet dry July 13-15 were Pixies, The Strokes, Manu Chao, Jovanotti, Gentleman, Stereo MC’s, Kosheen, Third World, and The Streets.

– John Gammon