Verizon Shed To Great Park?

The Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine, Calif., will have to find a new location but the news isn’t all bad. Shed officials have plenty of time to find a new patch of land to call home.

The 16,085-capacity Irvine shed and its neighbor, Wild Rivers water park, are being displaced to make way for about 3,700 single-family homes and condominiums. Irvine city officials say they will honor existing leases in the area, which gives Verizon execs until 2017 to work out the details, according to the Los Angeles Times.

One possibility is to relocate the Verizon to the massive Orange County Great Park in El Toro east of Irvine, expected to open in 2008. The park, dwarfing New York City’s Central Park in size and design, included plans for a 10,000-seat amphitheatre when the estimated $400 million project was announced in January.

Verizon officials declined to comment but Great Park officials say they have talked to the company about making the move, the Times said.