KC Hall Starts Renovation

The Kansas City Music Hall launched a $13.4 million renovation July 27th, which includes new seats, better sight lines and a refurbished infrastructure.

Taxpayers will fund the upgrades to the 2,400-capacity performing arts center, but City Manager Wayne Cauthen told The Kansas City Star the construction cost is expected to be covered from money saved in a bond refinancing deal.

The new seats are expected to be wider and realigned. The stage is expected to become 15 feet deeper and improvements are planned for the dressing rooms, rigging and plumbing, the paper said. Art deco fixtures, lighting and woodwork are expected to get a cleanup.

The renovation is expected to be completed in February, and city officials hope the improvements will draw more top-end Broadway productions, according to the Star.

The venue, built in 1935, has reportedly not had a facelift in 25 years.