Tom Moffatt Locked In Vault

Longtime Hawaiian concert promoter and island radio personality Tom Moffatt has handed a lot of his 50 years of swag, merch and collectibles to online retailer Wolfgang’s Vault.

Poster art, photos, apparel, vintage tickets and backstage passes have been added to the collection, with prices ranging from $10 for a 1985 Menudo concert ticket to a bid-only 1970 Led Zeppelin poster. Somewhere in the middle is a $1,455 Hayley Mills poster where the artist thanks KPOI, the radio station where Moffatt was a DJ for decades.

Wolfgang’s Vault began when Minneapolis entrepreneur Bill Sagan put down $5 million to purchase a warehouse filled with memorabilia – specifically, more than 20 million items from Bill Graham’s archives – from owner Clear Channel Communications.

Sagan and his staff spent six months sifting through the items and archiving them. In the process, they discovered a major find of rock ‘n’ roll: Graham’s live recordings from his San Francisco venues and even some videotapes.

Among the 5,000 tapes are Led Zeppelin’s first San Francisco appearance, opening for Country Joe & The Fish, as well as Nirvana, Bob Marley, and The Who.