Poker Winner Loses Roster

Recent World Series of Poker champion Jamie Gold feared winning the tournament, and he may have had reason to worry.

Gold, who told ESPN prior to the victory he didn’t want fame because he’s “seen what it’s done to other people,” has faced the intense scrutiny of online gossip rag Gold told the media he is a former agent of International Creative Management and represented several actors, including James Gandolfini, Jimmy Fallon, Lucy Liu and Brandy.

“Jamie Gold never represented any of the people he keeps saying he has,” an anonymous source told in a letter. “He was an ASSISTANT, and then a very, very junior agent at a small agency in the early 1990s who MIGHT have taken messages from some of these people, before forwarding them to their real agent.”

Apparently he was a legit agent for one, um, prominent actor – the hedgehog, Ron Jeremy.

An ICM spokesperson told Pollstar there were no comments on the issue.

Gold is also being sued for half the $12 million pot he won in the tournament. Las Vegas Sun reported that “television development executive” Bruce Crispin Leyser filed a suit claiming Gold promised him half the winnings for finding celebrities to wear clothing by Gold’s sponsor, Bodog, at the WSOP.

A court order has been issued restraining Harrah’s from paying out Gold until the hearing September 1st.