Now there are plenty of music video outlets, both on TV and the Web, and some labels are rethinking their video distribution approach.

Universal Music Group demanded that Cablevision Systems’ Fuse network stop showing the label’s videos. Along the same line, Warner Music Group ordered Yahoo to stop showing that label’s vids on the Net. For Universal it was all about licensing fees, while Warner evidently wasn’t too happy with the way Yahoo! promoted the label’s visual merchandise, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Apparently, talks over licensing fees broke down between Fuse and Universal, leading the label to pull its videos off of the Fuse Network. Considering that Universal, along with other labels, used to give away videos for free, the fact that some labels now charge cable outlets for airing videos shows just how important videos have become since Martha Quinn and JJ Jackson were household names.

But while talks between Fuse and Universal failed to reach an agreement, Warner was having issues of a different sort with Yahoo. Although Warner and Yahoo already have a licensing agreement, Warner execs felt that the Web company wasn’t dedicating enough resources for promotion, and eventually asked that Yahoo take down the videos, the Wall Street Journal said.

Whether all quarreling factions will settle their differences is anybody’s guess, but there are indications that the Universal / Fuse dust-up might be resolved in the coming weeks. However, there has been no speculation on whether Warner and Yahoo will kiss and make up. But with other major Web portals such as AOL and MSN showing music videos, fans have plenty of options when it comes to seeing their favorite bands and artists in cyberspace.