‘Big Guys’ Busted

Police in Newark, N.J., said they discovered 25,000 bootlegged CDs and DVDs as well as a factory where the illegal materials were produced.

Four people were arrested and the product had a street value of about $115,000, according to police.

The discs were found in a warehouse and two other locations raided October 7th by police on an anti-piracy mission. Police said they found a production center complete with a press and labels in the back room of a shoe store.

One of the sites, in the city’s downtown business and shopping area, was under police surveillance for several weeks. Sgt. David Whatley said he watched more than 100 people a day walk in empty-handed and leave with black bags.

“These are the big guys,” deputy mayor for public safety Ron Salahuddin told the Star-Ledger of Newark. “These are the guys who supply the little people.”