Doherty Needs Recovery Time

Babyshambles canceled the last five dates of its U.K. tour because Pete Doherty reportedly needs time to recover from rehab.

News sites including quoted a record company spokesperson saying the dates are off to allow Doherty to continue his “excellent” progress in drug rehabilitation, although the statement admitted the troubled star may have gone back on the road too soon.

“The band apologizes to fans but hopes that they will understand the importance of Peter being able to best continue his good progress in recovering from addiction,” EMI said in a statement.

The shows, which were set for Liverpool, Glasgow, Nottingham, Manchester and Newcastle October 6-10, are to be rearranged as soon as possible, and all tickets will remain valid.

Doherty had a number of drug-related court appearances this year and failed to make some summer festival dates because he was being held in custody.

The latest cancellations came after a couple of U.K. tabloids reported a “bust-up” with his supermodel girlfriend Kate Moss after the October 5th show in London.

The record label said Doherty probably started the tour before he was ready, coming soon after his discharge from London’s Priory Clinic.

– John Gammon