McCartney May Get Into Pantyhose

Paul McCartney‘s MPL Communications has lodged documents to trademark his name on a wide range of goods including vegetarian food, waistcoats and pantyhose.

He’s also included meat products, although this is said to be a defensive measure to prevent others from selling beef or pork under any sort of McCartney brand, according to The Guardian.

If the trademark applications are successful, it will give him the exclusive right to use the McCartney name on clothing, footwear and headgear. The paperwork is said to specify such disparate items as bath robes, articles of fancy dress, overalls, sports clothing and swim wear.

Once a trademark is granted, its owners can take action to prevent others from using identical, or even similar, names and logos.

The precise nature and look of the McCartney trademark will presumably be carefully thought through to avoid confusion with clothing produced by his daughter Stella, who has her own fashion range.

After a three-month period during which objections can be lodged with the trademarks registry, a judge will decide whether the marks meet the legal criteria to be registered.

– John Gammon