The Buzz On M-Buzz

Looking for yet another music download service? Sony Ericsson just might have your ticket.

     The mobile phone maker calls it M-BUZZ, an about-to-launch download service for cell phones designed to compete against Apple’s iTunes. Based on an enhanced version of Sony Ericsson’s PlayNow service, it will initially offer a limited number of tunes each month, picked from Sony/ATV Music’s Publishing catalog.
     The first phones offering M-BUZZ will be the W850 and W950 Walkman phones. Set to go live October 2nd, the service will also offer videos, bios and other content. Sony Ericsson said it will eventually incorporate "new commercial aspects" into the service, but has not defined what those aspects might be.
     But if there’s one thing for sure about M-BUZZ it’s that the service will focus on up-and- coming acts, and will feature a selected number of new bands and artists each month. The service will debut in 20 markets that already offer secure, wireless downloading via PlayNow.
     "M-BUZZ enables music fans not just to hear new, unsigned acts," said Miles Flint, President of Sony Ericsson, "but also to find out more about the musicians through interviews, home movies and more, creating a new mobile music experience."