Spectacle A Front Line Ally

Andy Gould and Dan Dalton’s Spectacle Entertainment Group entered into a strategic alliance with Irving Azoff’s Front Line Management December 5th.

The agreement is equivalent to one inked between Dixie Chicks manager Simon Renshaw and Front Line earlier this year.

“Irving’s a partner, so it kind of gives us some autonomy to do stuff the way we want to do it and then also have the weight and the power of Irving when we need him,” Gould said.

“It’s a good marriage for us,” Gould continued “You know, the deal he just did with the Eagles and Wal-Mart will be historic. … We want to do more things that involve branding tours; branding stuff directly with retailers.”

Eagles and Wal-Mart entered into a strategic deal earlier this year that included sponsorship and exclusive audio and video releases. The deal heralded a new dynamic where artists who own their music can now freely make exclusive retail deals.

Unlike Renshaw, who moved his office under the same roof as Azoff, Spectacle’s address and phone contacts will remain the same.

Gould and Dalton left The Firm last year to form Spectacle. Clients include Rob Zombie, Jurassic 5, Static-X, and Cut Chemist. All will remain with the management company.