Halifax Considers More Concerts

The Rolling Stones show at Halifax Commons in late September was such a hit that the Canadian city is considering becoming a yearly concert host.

Figures from a municipal staff report indicate the city sustained costs of about can$50,000 (US$43,000) for a show that brought in about $8 million, according to the city’s ChronicleHerald. The reports outlined about $6 million generated through concessions and restaurant and hotel business.

“It appears that there is an interest in the community to host other like events on an ongoing basis, so we want to explore the cost implications,” Halifax mayor Peter Kelly said December 5th.

The November 23rd show, promoted by Michael Cohl and semi-retired Donald Tarlton of Donald K. Donald Entertainment Group, attracted more than 25,000 fans.

Before the city council decides to host more concerts, it wants to look into installing permanent wiring at the central Halifax park so a promoter wouldn’t be forced to come up with about $5,000 for temporary lighting, the ChronicleHerald reported.

They are also looking into “protective turf overlay” to limit damage to the grounds, the paper said. The Stones show led to almost $50,000 in damage – covered by the promoter – to the commons thanks to poor weather and heavy foot traffic, the paper said.