Tarlton Honored At Junos

Canadian concert promoter Donald Tarlton will receive the 2007 Walt Grealis Special Achievement Award at the Juno Awards, the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences announced December 5th.

The Donald K. Donald Entertainment Group figurehead has promoted more than 5,000 events, including nearly ever maojr act to play Montreal over the past two decades.

The award honors an “outstanding individual who has contributed to the growth and advancement of the Canadian music industry.”

“It’s been a privilege to participate as an active entrepreneur in the Canadian recording and live entertainment industries for the past four decades,” Tarlton said in a statement.

He started Donald K. Donald in 1966 and joined forces with Michael Cohl in 1991. He also started two record labels – Aquarius Records and French-language label Tacca Musique.

The Juno Awards are set to air April 1st from Saskatoon.