Sharon Osbourne Gives a Shit

Sharon Osbourne revealed that she has a special gift that she reserves for her harshest critics – a carefully wrapped box from Tiffany & Co containing her own excrement.

Osbourne, who manages her husband Ozzy, daughter Kelly and Black Sabbath, said over the course of her career she has dispatched the unique gift to her detractors several times.

“I’ve done it for an awfully long time. I suppose I find it funny,” she told The Guardian. “The last turd? Three, no four years ago, when the first review came out of ‘The Osbournes.'”

She said a reviewer, who works for a respected publication Osbourne declined to name, made unpleasant comments about the weight and appearance of her children, so she sent him a Tiffany box with a note attached reading, “I heard you’ve got an eating disorder. Eat this.”