LN Snaps Up Euro Promoters

Live Nation is looking more like Live Planet as it announced December 19th it has expanded its European presence with the acquisition of Gamerco S.A., Spain’s largest concert promoter, and a majority stake in Jackie Lombard Productions, one of France’s leading concert promotion firms.

The acquisitions, when completed, will put Live Nation in seven of the top 10 recorded music markets worldwide. The foray into France and Spain will also provide LN with a pan-European network that will facilitate cross-continent tour booking and sponsorships.

“Gamerco and Jackie Lombard Productions are both highly dynamic, creative and successful companies which perfectly complement our existing global promotion portfolio and move us closer to our goal of being in all of the top music markets around the world,” LN chief exec Michael Rapino said in a statement.

Gamerco principals Gay Mercader, Pino Saggliocco and Roberto Grima all come under the LN umbrella with the acquisition. The company regularly produces more than 250 shows per year in Spain’s major markets including Barcelona and Madrid.

Jackie Lombard Productions regularly produces top concerts in Paris and other markets, attracting more than 250,000 fans per year.