Ono’s Ex-Driver Seeks Bail

In his fourth bail application, filed January 9th, Koral Karsan, Yoko Ono’s former driver, claims that he was not trying to blackmail her but instead seeking restitution for years of sexual harassment and abuse.

To support his claim, Karsan’s lawyer filed a letter dated from December in which prosecutors say proves he threatened Ono. In the letter, Karsan portrays himself as an abused employee seeking justice, telling Ono that he had decided to pursue a sexual harassment lawsuit against her.

However, Karsan goes on to demand that Ono give him $2 million or risk having him release unflattering material he had been compiling about her and her family since 1996.

Karsan was arrested December 13th on a charge of attempted grand larceny after Ono complained to authorities. Assistant District Attorney Anne Schwartz has objected to his release on bail because he is in the country illegally, is the subject of a detention order from immigration officials and is considered a flight risk.