Morewood On The Move

Former London agent Jim Morewood is moving his Gothenburg-based English Gentleman Organisation a few miles down the Swedish coast to be nearer his home in Mölndal.

A year ago he left EMA Telstar to set up on his own, starting in the same offices as Petri Lunden’s Talent Trust management company.

Prior to joining EMA, his 14-year career had taken him to U.K. agencies including Prestige Talent, Helter Skelter, International Talent Booking and Mean Fiddler.

Since he’s been in Scandinavia, he’s picked up on emerging local talent. He is agent for Lordi, The Rasmus, and HIM – arguably Finland’s top three acts – and is also working with Meshuggah, the highly touted Stockholm-based newcomers.

He also handles Nightwish, Suicidal Tendencies, Breed 77, and America’s Mindless Self Indulgence.

English Gentleman Organisation is at Tvargatan 2, 431 66 Mölndal, Sweden. Phone: + 46 31 776 07 60. Email remains: [email protected]