Judge Praises Pete’s Progress

A district judge has told rock star Peter Doherty that she’s optimistic about the progress he’s made in beating his drug addiction.

District Judge Jane McIvor told Thames Magistrates’ Court January 17th that the 27-year-old Babyshambles frontman had made further progress since his last review in October and said future reviews wouldn’t need to be so frequent.

She told Doherty, who turned up to court in a dark suit and his trademark trilby hat, that his doctor had referred to the "great effort" he was making to beat his addiction.

She ordered Doherty to return to court for another review on April 18th.

"It’s like she said, really it’s just time. For the first time I am actually turning up for appointments in a coherent state. It’s just a really positive time for me at the moment," he told reporters as he left the court.

He refused to comment on reports that he and supermodel girlfriend Kate Moss are set to get married.

Two weeks ago, Babyshambles signed a three-album deal with EMI’s Parlophone label that’s reportedly worth £1 million.