Revival Underway For Knoxville Shed

The Tennessee Amphitheatre, which has been inactive as a venue since 2000 and is located at Knoxville’s World’s Fair Park, will receive about $850,000 for renovations, Mayor Bill Haslam said.

Haslam said he hopes the shed and the Sunsphere, a landmark at the park, would be used again as soon as this fall, the News Sentinel reported.

The city will spend the $850,000 to fix the shed’s roof and ready the venue for use again, apparently.

Haslam told the paper the city is ready to sign a contract with Kinsey Probasco Hays to run a food service business in the Sunsphere and reopen its observation deck. Proposed renovations for the Sunsphere would be about $1 million.

The renovations will be funded by the 2005 sale of the park’s historic candy factory and Victorian houses, which house antique and gift shops, the paper said. The proposals go before the city council February 6th.