Goldenvoice Takes On Touring

Goldenvoice recently announced the launch of an alternative touring division called Art Show, set to produce a two-month My Chemical Romance tour beginning February 22nd.

Elyse Rogers, who’s been tapped to head up Art Show, told Pollstar the division is a first for the company. Goldenvoice has promoted mainly West Coast tours up to this point, focusing on California, Hawaii, Nevada, Alaska and Arizona.

"Rick Van Santen used to venture out of the GV territory but, for the most part, this is the first proper touring division," Rogers said.

She explained that she and CEO Paul Tollett came from the indie world and wanted to focus on alternative acts.

Rogers is the former singer for Dance Hall Crashers, providing her the opportunity to experience the roles of artist, manager, agent and publicist. She managed acts at her company, Civilized Artist Management, and had tenures at both Goldenvoice and House of Blues before taking on the role as president of Art House.

She explained that she and Tollett agree the new division will focus on artist development through touring, something they feel very strongly about.

"Doesn’t matter if it’s arenas, theatres, clubs," she said. "Hopefully it’s all three for the same artist as we help develop them over the years. There’s something special about working for years on something you love and being able to watch it grow."

Although the MCR trek is the only thing on the books for Art Show thus far, Rogers said the division will take on other tours.

"We’re not trying to take over the world and always be on to the next big thing," she said. "We just want to look after some artists that we love and find important and help make them the biggest bands in the world."