Toyota Pavilion Collapses

The Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain reportedly collapsed February 15th under the weight of snow and ice.

The weight of the snow ripped apart the front of the amphitheatre tent, Lackawanna County spokeswoman Jenine Ikeler told the Citizen’s Voice of Wilkes-Barre.

The county was expected to plow the area February 16th. The facility was closed at the time of the collapse, according to the newspaper, and no one was injured. It was unclear at press time how the collapse would affect the upcoming concert season.

Lessee Live Nation had been considering purchasing the shed, according to Lackawanna County majority commissioner Robert Cordaro.

"They want to buy it. They want to have full control of the venue with no continuing obligations," the commissioner told the Citizen’s Voice in November. He declined to discuss the sale price for the 17,500-capacity venue, which opened in 2000.

"If I give a number out, I’m never going to get as much for it," he said.

The shed reportedly cost $12 million to build and has changed its name twice since it opened as the Performing Arts Center of Montage Mountain. The facility was originally operated by Metropolitan Entertainment, and the county switched to then-Clear Channel Entertainment in 2002.