Circus Halen

Van Halen is set to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at a New York City banquet March 12th, but the event is looking pretty sad and lonely for David Lee Roth, whose requests to play the party were apparently declined by officials.

Instead, Velvet Revolver will perform classic Van Halen tunes, according to the Los Angeles Times, in an effort to appease all those involved, and circumvent any problems that could arise in choosing a lineup.

Not that there would be much of a lineup anyway. Bassist Michael Anthony has reportedly confirmed, as has former frontman Sammy Hagar. The Brothers Van Halen and Roth, however, will not be attending the event, the Times said.

Also in the article, DLR said Van Halen could tour if guitarist Eddie "dries up." There had been rampant speculation as to why the VH tour was postponed "indefinitely," with most of the media claiming monumental egos and insurmountable logistics as possible causes.

The same day the Times printed DLR’s comments, Eddie posted on that he was entering rehab.