Lessons Learned: Mitch Rose

Most of the lessons I have learned in the 23 years I have been in this business have come from listening to and observing those whom I have looked up to and admired. Some of the people and the lessons they have taught me are listed below:

From Irving Azoff, I learned to have no fear.

From Rob Light, I learned patience.

From Doc McGhee, I learned about showmanship.

From Ann Marie Wilkens, I learned there is never a number too big to ask for.

From Harry Sandler, I learned the numbers never lie and there’s always more.

From Tom Ross, I learned how to build a team.

From Steve Barnett, I learned about loyalty.

From Gary Gersh, I learned how to reinvent yourself.

From Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley, I learned it’s not about the money…it’s about the money.

From Arny Granat, I learned how to compete against the conglomerate.

From Donald K Donald, I learned the art of promotion.

From Peter Mensch, I learned about irreverence.

From David Steinberg (the manager), I learned about humor.

From Jason Flom, I learned how to find hits.

From Don Muller, I learned how to grind to get the best deal.

From Mike Piranian, I learned it’s not about the food stain on your shirt, but what’s inside that counts.

From Don Fox, I learned how to be independent.

From Steve Jensen, I learned grace and elegance.

From Jack Boyle, I learned to be helpful and encouraging to those starting out.

From Bobby Brooks, I learned to appreciate how lucky I am to have this job.

From Rick Roskin and Darryl Eaton, I learned how to be an entrepreneur.

From John Scher, I learned about passion.

From Jonathan Daniel, I learned to be nice to artists as they might end up being managers one day.

From Dan Weiner and Fred Bohlander, I learned it’s ok to compete on your own terms.

From Michael Belkin and Rick Franks, I learned that from business relationships come friendships.

But the most important lessons that I have learned are from my kids. That the innocence and purity of children keeps all the dramas, fights, and highs and lows of our day jobs in proper perspective.

                                                                                                                                                    — Mitch Rose

Mitch is the head of CAA’s music department and has been a CAA agent for 20 years.