2007 1Q Ticket Sales

The concert business appears to be making another strong start to a new year. The Q1 numbers for 2007 are on par with those seen in 2006, which were generally up sharply across the board in comparison to 2005.

To download the top ticket sales for tours, promoters, arenas, theatres and clubs for the first quarter of 2007 in PDF format please click here.

The volume of shows reported in North America for Q1 was virtually identical at around 5,500 as was the total number of tickets sold at 13.6 million. The average number of tickets sold per show was also static at around 2,450.

Total gross ticket revenue for Q1 2007 in North America, however, was up $25.5 million, or 4.2 percent, to $629.5 million. This can be largely explained by a $2.03, or 4.6 percent increase, in the average ticket price to $46.32 for all reported shows in the database.