How A Leak Turned Into A Flood

Having the bill leaked online a week before the festival was due to announce it at a press conference obviously annoyed Paleo Nyon Festival organisers, but they were more than placated when all 210,000 tickets sold out in a record-breaking three days.

Fans flooded in for the six-day 35,000-capacity event even faster than they did in 2005, when it took 10 days to sell out.

Last year, 190,000 tickets were snapped up in 48 hours, but the remaining 20,000 took another two or three days. Only shows for guaranteed stadium-fillers such as Rolling Stones and U2 sell out that quickly in Switzerland.

To combat the black market, the festival has set up a ticket exchange forum that was due to open at as of May 1st.

Although Paleo is hardly a useful barometer for the Swiss festival market, last year’s sellout showed it was immune to the effects of the country’s notoriously overcrowded outdoor calendar and the competition from a major international soccer tournament. But event booker Seb Vuignier believes it’s still a good sign for the other major outdoor summer shows.

"Our tickets have gone and now these fans can immediately start looking at where else they’re going, or the disappointed ones can look at where they will go instead of Paleo," he explained, while admitting to still be smarting over the leaking of the bill and the subsequent cancellation of the April 16 press conference at Chateau Nyon.

"For a booker it was an opportunity that I missed because it meant we didn’t meet the journalists and get together to talk about some of the smaller but still exciting acts further down the bill."

Despite regretting the loss of what he values as a very important and highly enjoyable public relations exercise, Vuignier admitted that the incident didn’t cost anything in terms of media coverage.

The Swiss journalists took the leaked billing from the Internet and the national papers spent a lot of column inches on it, which were immediately followed by even more column inches detailing and theorizing over how the leak got out in the first place.

The now very well-known lineup for this year’s Paleo Nyon Festival (July 24-29) includes Robert Plant, Gad Elmaleh, Pink, The Young Gods, Tryo, Sanseverino, Renaud, and Zazie.