Brit Hits Da House

Turns out those folks who gambled up to $125 on tickets to see some unknown band called The M+Ms at various House of Blues clubs got what they really came to see: a rehabbed, slim, dancing, lip-syncing Britney Spears.

Spears walked through a gauntlet of fans and flashbulbs while entering the House of Blues in San Diego May 1st. Then, in the first performance in three years, Brit Brit took the stage wearing a brown wig and an outfit that belied the fact she’s now the mother of two young sons.

She kicked off the show at 10 p.m. (gate time said 8 p.m.) and sped through a 15-minute, five-song set of her hits accompanied by four backup dancers. Alleged beau Howie Day made an appearance.

The show was shrouded in mystery, and had been the subject of Internet rumors for days.

What’s even more interesting for those in the biz is that the shows were booked by William Morris Agency – not by Spears’ longtime agent, David Zedeck of CAA.

Turns out the new, touring Spears has quietly made a transition to William Morris Agency, with Marc Geiger and John Marx as responsible agents.