Stones Won’t Spook The Horses

The July 14th Rolling Stones show at a Belgrade, Serbia, racetrack has been moved to a nearby park because of fears that the noise would frighten the horses.

Raka Maric of local promoter Music Star Productions has reportedly told Balkan newspapers that the organisers didn’t want to be responsible for causing any harm to the animals.

The decision came after animal rights activists protested that the noisy concert would cause stress to skittish gallopers and warned of the dangers of sedating them with Diazepam.

"Research has shown that noise and vibrations are the strongest causes of stress to animals," animal rights group ORCA chief Elvir Burazerovic explained. "Surely our big city has enough open spaces where even 150,000 people can fit in. We think the Hippodrome should be left to horses."

The animal rights group said that if it failed to convince the organizers to change the concert venue, it would contact The Rolling Stones directly and ask them to use their influence.

That won’t prove necessary, as Music Star has been able to move the show to an alternative site overlooking the River Danube.

Officials at the state-run racetrack, which is now being privatized after going bankrupt, had dismissed concerns about the animals.

At press time, John Giddings of London-based Solo Agency – the act’s European tour promoter – wasn’t available for comment.