Didn’t Die Before They Got Old

The 40 members of an act with a combined age of more than 3,000 are having an Internet hit with their version of The Who’s "My Generation."

The Zimmers, brought together by the documentary-maker Tim Samuels as part of the BBC’s "Power To The People Series," had 1.5 million YouTube views in two weeks.

The interview requests are pouring in from such far-reaching places as Brazil, Germany, Japan and Iceland.

Already confirmed is an appearance on U.S. TV as guests on Jay Leno’s "Tonight Show."

"I haven’t been on a plane since 1927 so it will certainly be an adventure," 99-year-old vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Winifred Warburton told the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph.

The act and the BBC program have a more serious side, highlighting the problems faced by the 3.5 million elderly people who live alone in the U.K.

"If you can judge a society by the way it treats its older people, I always suspected that we’d be in trouble in this country," Samuels told the Telegraph.