Powered by the ShopText mobile commerce platform, buying tickets through text messaging is almost as easy as, well, text messaging itself.

It all starts with Knitting Factory shows marked with a ShopText logo and a unique number assigned to the show. Users then send a text message with the number. If it’s a new user, that person is assigned a secret PIN to use for all future purchases. Of course, concert fans can skip that part by pre-registering at www.shoptext.com.

Buying tickets via text messaging is one of those things that makes you slap yourself and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” With text messaging for tickets, you don’t have to spend valuable time sitting at your computer, hanging on the telephone or even lining up at the box office. Just let your thumbs do the buying.

Knitting Factory’s texting-for-tickets option is available for the company’s New York and Los Angeles venues, but will soon expand to its venues in Boise and Spokane in the coming months.

“This is about convenience and on-demand access to our tickets,” said Knitting Factory Entertainment president and CEO Jared Hoffman. “Our audiences are young, hip and extremely tech savvy. The device at the center of their busy lives is the cell phone – they are never without it. We are expecting tremendous consumer response to the combination of convenience and technology provided by our tickets-by-text platform.”