A Bigger, Same Size Crowd

Although the second Rock-A-Field Open Air in Luxembourg didn’t sell more tickets than the first one, the crowd was bigger because this time they all turned up.

"Last year the weather was so bad that even people who had bought tickets didn’t bother to come," explained promoter Patrick Bartz, recalling how giant hailstones bombarded the 16,000-capacity site at Roeser.

"We’re looking to expand the site because it was quite crowded, and next year we’re looking to get more people. We hoped to do better than 14,000 this year but in 2006 we had a couple of late cancellations from international acts and perhaps people were worried the same thing would happen again.

"We only have seven acts and a couple of cancellations hit us hard. It’s not like Glastonbury, where there’s so much top talent that two bands pulling out wouldn’t really make that much difference."

The acts playing the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg’s only festival (June 24) included The Killers, Queens of the Stone Age, The Hives, Billy Talent and Art Brut.