Radar On Regular Frequency

Austrian promoter Harry Jenner wasn’t disappointed by his inaugural Radar Festival pulling only 5,000 punters. He said he considers it sufficiently successful to make it worthwhile to develop it as an annual event.

"When I started doing Frequency in Austria I had even less people for the first one, and last year it did 30,000 per day," Jenner told Pollstar as he outlined his plans to step Radar up to a two-day event in 2008.

"I think the festival was a good investment and I’m encouraged by the way the Croatian media was very positive about the way the festival was produced."

The country’s Drava Rock Festival June 22 did similar numbers with a bill including Scorpions, IL Nino and The Cult, reinforcing the argument that Croatia’s live music market may be suffering from more big shows than it can support.

Earlier in the year, Zoran Maric moved his InMusic Festival from July to the end of August in a bid to avoid the heavy international traffic passing through the country. Shows by Zucchero, INXS and Dream Theater were all downgraded to smaller venues.

The June 20 Radar bill was headlined by Placebo, Kaiser Chiefs and Queens Of The Stone Age.

Jenner incurred the wrath of some local promoters by suggesting the market is still suffering from the effects of 2004 – the last time the market was overcrowded – when some fans had problems getting refunds for canceled shows.