Doherty Tests Judge’s Patience

Pete Doherty tested a judge’s patience by turning up more than two hours late for his July court appearance for drug possession. He left with a stern warning that he’s in danger of being sent to jail.

West London Masgistrates court was in chaos as the Babyshambles singer arrived shortly after District Jude Davindar Lacchar had issued a warrant for his arrest, according to news reports.

"This is a court of law. He should have been here at 9:30 and he wasn’t, so I’m issuing a warrant with no bail," she told Sean Curran, the 28-year-old singer’s lawyer.

Doherty pleaded guilty to possessing heroin, crack cocaine, ketamine and cannabis, as well as to two driving offenses.

After Curran told Judge Lacchar that Doherty is booked for more rehab, she decided to defer sentencing until August 6th.

"If you go to this place to have detox and take advantage of it, then we will see what sentence is appropriate when you next come," she told the former Libertines frontman. "But if you do not, I can tell you now that you will go into custody."

Doherty’s latest court appearance, following a May 5th police stop on London’s Kensington High Street, was one of a number that he’s made during the last year.

In April at Thames Magistrates Court, District Judge Jane McIvor praised him for "more than cooperating" in his struggle to beat his addiction to illegal substances.

Doherty’s court appearance also indicated that he’s had another split with supermodel girlfriend Kate Moss.

He gave Moss’ address as his own, before correcting himself by saying, "Actually, that’s changed."