Sir Elton’s Right Royal Snit

Elton John looks to have had a royal snit after police stopped his chauffeur-driven car and made him walk the last 50 yards to the after-show bash following the Lady Diana Memorial Concert at Wembley Stadium July 1st.

"Get out of my fucking way. Don’t you know who I am? I’ve been working all fucking day and I need my fucking dressing room" John allegedly screamed at police officers responsible for keeping the road clear immediately before the arrival of Royal Princes William and Harry.

Despite the flamboyant one’s outburst, the police were unmoved and eventually the temperamental star accepted he had to travel the rest of the way to the nearby Wembley Arena on foot.

He was said to be upset because his act had been delayed by technical problems, forcing him to cut "Crocodile Rock" from his set.

By the time Sir Elton arrived for the after-show gathering at the arena, which is less than 200 yards from the stadium, police had cordoned off the road as part of the security measures surrounding the princes.

"They were due to arrive at any time and the police were getting nervous," an unnamed onlooker told London’s Evening Standard. "A policeman stepped into the road to stop the car and said it couldn’t go beyond that point.

"The driver then said that he had an important passenger in the back of the car, but the policeman said he didn’t care who was in the back of the car," the witness said.

Sir Elton reportedly rolled down his window and delivered his blistering tirade, which only stopped when he realized he was attracting the attention of press photographers.