Stoyanov Pleased With Kaliakra Growth

Martin Stoyanov said his decision to expand his Kaliakra Rock Fest in Bulgaria has paid off, as nearly 20,000 fans turned up over three days.

Last year it began as a one-day event with Testament, Twisted Sister and Helloween pulling 10,000 people, which was enough for the Joker Media chief to decide he had the foundation to build a Bulgarian music festival.

The average per-day crowd was down but Stoyanov’s pleased to have established an event that has camping and all the facilities he thinks are needed to qualify Kaliakra as a real festival.

The arena is the Kavarna Stadium, the Black Sea coastal city’s soccer ground, with the campsite and the various stalls set out in the fields surrounding it.

The acts that turned up to help establish another Balkan festival June 28-30, although arguably the only one in Bulgaria, included Heaven And Hell, Motorhead, Manowar and some of the best of the country’s local hard rock talent.