Power Outage Halts Dance

Dancers didn’t get a chance to show off their fancy footwork when a freestyle dance competition featuring Chris Brown at the Genesis Convention Center in Gary, Ind., was canceled July 5th because of a power outage.

The power went out at about 5:30 p.m. in a three-block area of the city, according to the Chicago Tribune. The power came back on about four hours later.

At first, fingers were pointed at a train derailment but the city’s utility provider is still investigating the cause.

Brown was the featured performer at the second annual Dance Down 2007, where groups and individuals perform "footwork" or "freestyle" dance moves for titles and more than $7,500 in cash prizes.

Fans standing in line for the sold-out dance concert were informed of the cancellation at 7:30 p.m., a half-hour after the event was scheduled to begin, according to the Tribune.

Pat Wagner, executive manager for the 7,000-capacity Genesis Convention Center, referred all questions to Gary city spokeswoman LaLosa Burns.

Burns told the Post-Tribune that concertgoers who purchased tickets at the Genesis Convention Center would be given refunds by leaving their names and phone numbers with venue staff. Fans who bought tickets through other agencies should contact those outlets.