Rosen Returns To Ticketing

There’s a new player in the ticketing market: Fred Rosen.

The former CEO of Ticketmaster has been out of ticketing business for many years, but he’s back in a big way as chairman of the board of a Toronto-based company called AudienceView. The company has been around for a while but it’s about to be retooled as a primary – and secondary – ticketing source.

"This will be a ticketing company that provides software applications in the primary market," AudienceView executive VP Ann Mooney told Pollstar. "It will provide white label solutions for facilities, giving them the power to set their own service charges, control their data and many, many other applications."

Rosen announced his new venture during his keynote speech at Ticket Summit 2007, which was held at the Venetian hotel/casino in Las Vegas July 18-19. He told the room that ticketing has become more integrated and the line between primary ticketing and secondary ticketing is blurring.

AudienceView as it currently operates provides ticketing software to venues, putting it squarely in the primary ticketing field. However, as Rosen intimated in the keynote, the company could soon be looking at purchasing secondary ticketing companies, sources said.

There is speculation that AudienceView has one possible client – a big one.

This is a reemergence for Rosen, whose most recent business venture was buying carnival midways and giving them consistency and quality control.