Talk About A Rough Settlement

Jamaican reggae artist Chuck Fenda (real name: Leshorn Whitehead) recently filed a police complaint against a Bahamian promoter whom Whitehead alleges assaulted him at gunpoint after night-of-show negotiations stalled.

Promoter Trevor Alexander Davis of Alpha Sounds Entertainment was taken into police custody and charged with armed robbery and causing harm during the August 20th incident, the Bahamas Journal reported.

According to court records obtained by the paper, Davis and members of his entourage robbed Whitehead at gunpoint of a platinum chain, Movado watch and $300 cash.

Whitehead told the Nassau Guardian he was booked to perform at Beach Fest in Nassau with Buju Banton. Whitehead said he expected to perform to backing tracks. When Whitehead arrived in the Bahamas, the promoter discussed using a live band and Whitehead upped his price.

"I later found out that Buju would be using a band," Whitehead told the Guardian. "I contacted the promoter to cancel and he begged me not to."

The artist said Davis waited until the night of the show to inform Whitehead he would only pay the original price.

Whitehead reportedly decided he would play for free. But somehow that didn’t sit well because he and his band were not allowed to enter the venue and he left to do a radio interview.

"After we finished the interview, I went outside and told my drivers I was ready," Whitehead told the paper. "As I was about to leave, I saw five cars drive up. Eleven or 12 men came out. The promoter told them to block my vehicle."

After being asked to return his $5,000 deposit, Whitehead said he didn’t have the money and claims Davis threatened his life.

"He dragged me and pulled out a gun," he said. "Choking me up and they popped off my chain, my watch; he hit me in the face with his gun. He told them to put us in the car trunk and take us and kill us."

Davis had a different take, stating Whitehead demanded extra money after seeing the crowd at the concert.

"[Whitehead] came to Nassau – his balance was delivered to him at the hotel," he said. "At the time his balance was delivered to him. He requested more money. That is why he did not perform because I refused to pay the additional amount that he was asking for. He was asking for an additional amount of $5,000."

Local police are continuing investigations into Whitehead’s reports.