San Clemente Shed Floated

A Southern California group wants to know how its community feels about the location and design of a proposed performing arts amphitheatre before construction starts and the first band takes the stage.

The Association for the Amphitheatre (AFTA) met August 7th to ask San Clemente residents "what the concerns are with traffic, lights, sound and safety," AFTA leader Lee Van Slyke told the OC Register. AFTA sent invites to the meeting to 1,200 residents, hoping those with concerns would become involved with planning.

The group wants to build a 2,500- to 3,000-seat amphitheatre and a restaurant on a piece of city-owned land set into a triangular-shaped valley below street grade.

"We have a pretty good feeling for what we want it look like," said Dick Dickey, an AFTA director. "It would be terraced seats, and then there will be a lawn area behind the seats."

The site is located on 340 acres of land deeded to the city after developers decided not to use it. The deed reportedly allows up to 30 acres of the land to be developed for cultural arts.

AFTA will have to win the city council’s approval of the site location and negotiate a lease with the city before any concrete can be poured. Council members have voiced support but asked AFTA to deal with the community’s issues and concerns about the shed.

AFTA plans to ask the city council to authorize opening negotiations August 21st and hopes to raise between $4 million to $8 million for the shed from corporate sponsors and other donors through a fund drive, according to the paper.