Doll Hut Permitted To Rock

The Anaheim Planning Commission unanimously approved August 6th the Doll Hut’s application for a permit to charge for concerts, taking the noted rock club’s future out of limbo.

Doll Hut manager Dirk Belling told the Los Angeles Times the city’s permit approval preserves a musical landmark.

"There’s no way we’d have been able to continue to operate the way we wanted to," Belling said. "We’d have had to [turn] into a quiet little corner tavern. … Now I’m able to operate with a plan and a direction and as a real music venue."

The club can resume charging for live music as long as there aren’t any complaints during a three-week appeal period, the paper said.

Doll Hut owner Juan Reynoso dropped the cover charge for shows after city officials informed him he hadn’t met certain requirements to qualify for a $250 "public dance hall" permit and was operating illegally. This resulted in dwindling business and a shaky future for the club that has hosted up-and-coming bands for more than 20 years.

As word spread about the Doll Hut’s dilemma, fans of the bar launched an e-mail campaign urging city officials to reconsider. In the meantime, local bands volunteered to fill empty spots in the club’s entertainment schedule.

Belling said he’s planning a party to celebrate the club’s reprieve.

"We’re an Anaheim business that’s worth revering and preserving," he told the paper. "I’m thrilled to death the city agrees with us."