Fflam Falls By Wayside

After postponing his new Fflam Festival because the Welsh site was too wet, London-based promoter John Curd decided to pull it completely because he couldn’t find a suitable date to reschedule.

Fflam – Welsh for "flames" – was originally slotted for July 13-15 at Singleton Park in Swansea Bay, but the Straight Music chief was forced to delay it because heavy rain turned the ground into a bog.

He planned to try again over the September 28-30 weekend but not all the main acts on the bill – including Keane and Manic Street Preachers – were able to make the new dates.

Placebo and The Feeling were also in the lineup, which featured more than 50 bands and was set to attract 30,000 people per day.

Curd set up the festival because Wales doesn’t have such an event and he believes it could soon be developed to rival Scotland’s T In The Park.

The first Fflam, a joint venture between Straight Music and the local Swansea Council, is now being planned for 2008.