Webbo Leaves BPI For MMF

Jon "Webbo" Webster is leaving his job as the British Phonographic Industry’s director of independent services to take up the newly created post of chief exec of the Music Managers Forum.

The BPI is in the process of recruiting a new independents director.

In his 2.5 years at BPI, Webster greatly increased the independent representation within the organisation and developed a strong agenda for the sector, vastly improving the services offered to the U.K.’s indie label members.

BPI’s independent membership stands at 377 companies, a 40 percent increase from when Webster took the job in 2005.

BPI chief exec Geoff Taylor said Webster transformed the BPI’s independents’ agenda and built a strong foundation for the organisation to further develop its services to the sector.

"I have worked with managers and artists for over 30 years through my time with Virgin, as an independent manager, as well as running a label. I’m looking forward to it," Webster said of his new role. "I’m pleased to say that the independent sector is now better represented within the BPI than ever before – but I could not resist this new challenge."