Doherty Prefers Rehab To Court

Pete Doherty missed a September 3 appearance at West London Magistrate’s Court because he’s reportedly decided to go back to rehab.

He was due to appear for sentencing for possessing heroin, crack cocaine, ketamine and cannabis, having already pleaded guilty to all offenses at an earlier court appearance.

The charges resulted from him being stopped in a car by police officers in London’s Kensington High Street on May 5th.

District Judge Davindar Lacchar has already deferred his sentence twice. In July she gave Doherty a stern warning that he was in danger of being sent to jail, after he turned up two hours late for a court appearance.

A month later Judge Lacchar still hadn’t made up her mind and told the court, "What I have in mind is to adjourn this matter to assess his motivation. What I have in mind is a community order or prison."

Now sentencing has been delayed for a third time, after the former Libertine decided to seek further treatment for his addictions.

Doherty apparently went into rehab voluntarily, because he is "trying his best" to stop taking drugs, according to his lawyer Sean Curran.

"I think he’s quite serious. He’s asked to go in and he’s still there so he’s trying," Curran reportedly told U.K. tabloids.

Doherty is due in court on October 2, the day after Babyshambles releases its new Shotter’s Nation album.