Beacher In The Ring

The story isn’t that Kid Rock and Tommy Lee were offered $5 million to settle their differences in the ring – the story is the man behind the offer: Jeff Beacher.

The owner of Beacher’s Madhouse in Las Vegas is one part Howard Stern, one part P.T. Barnum – and has a multimillion-dollar contract to keep things entertaining on the Strip.

A miniature-KISS rivalry, which boiled over with an "incident" at Beacher’s Madhouse, caught so much attention in 2006 that it was featured on "The Daily Show."

According to the official record, a member of a miniature KISS band confronted a member of another miniature KISS band inside Beacher’s club at The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, claiming Beacher’s house band stole his idea.

Beacher told Pollstar at the time that one of them had to be carried out "kicking and screaming." The bandmember disputed that allegation – but its imagery remains.

Then, after Donald Trump said "You’re fired" to former Miss Nevada Katie Rees, Beacher hired her to host the return of Beacher’s Madhouse.

Once, when "Cops" was on location in Las Vegas, two police officers were called to a location where a little person was doing stunts for cash along the Strip. So, instead of arresting him, the cops took him to Beacher. He hired the troublemaker, who didn’t submit to police without a fight, all while the cameras rolled. And it didn’t cost Beacher a penny when the segment found a permanent residency on YouTube.

Beacher is also winding down a one-year challenge to lose 100 pounds before the Las Vegas Marathon. In tandem, he has given himself a $200,000 penalty if he has sex during the same 12-month period. He reportedly weighs 370 pounds.

Beacher recently offered $1 million to get VMA scrappers Tommy Lee and Kid Rock into the ring. Now he says he’s "teamed up" with legendary boxing promoter Bob Arum and together they are upping the purse.

The cost of the fight: $5 million. The chances of Lee and Kid duking it out? Zero. The publicity for Beacher’s Madhouse, even when it doesn’t happen? Priceless. Literally.