Crowd Surfing Not Connected To Death

Coroner’s reports have ruled out injuries or trauma as the causes of a recent death at Vancouver’s PNE Forum during a Smashing Pumpkins concert.

Kenny Leung, a 20-year-old from Richmond, apparently fell while crowd surfing during the show September 24th and was dragged from a mosh pit unconscious, according to the Globe and Mail. Leung was later pronounced dead at St. Paul’s Hospital.

While details were initially sketchy as to exactly how Leung lost consciousness, coroner Owen Court told the paper no injuries were found and that forthcoming toxicology test results would indicate if alcohol or drugs played a part in the death.

"There is absolutely no evidence of any injury and therefore, I would say, what you would call moshing or crowd surfing would have nothing to do with this whatsoever," he said. "There was no injury on this young man."