Diddy Sued Twice

The second week of October hadn’t rolled on by but it was already turning out to be a bad month for Sean "Diddy" Combs as he was handed two lawsuits within days of each other.

First up was a lawsuit filed from prison by James Sabatino, a former consultant for Combs’ Bad Boy Entertainment, who claims Combs owes him more than $19 million for footage of the late Notorious B.I.G.

According to the lawsuit, months after B.I.G. was killed in 1997 in a still-unsolved homicide, Combs agreed to buy music and video footage from Sabatino for $200,000.

Sabatino had paid for studio time in Miami and B.I.G.’s travel expenses and although a contract was never signed, the 17 minutes of vocals and 90 minutes of video footage dating back to 1994 was understood to belong to Sabatino.

Combs paid Sabatino with a check for $25,000 and promised to take care of the balance in 60 days. The lawsuit notes that Combs didn’t pay up immediately because the Los Angeles police had named Sabatino a person of interest in B.I.G.’s death and Combs was worried how it would look to the public if they found out he paid a person of interest in the killing.

Sabatino, who was incarcerated on unrelated charges, and B.I.G. were supposed to meet the night of the murder, but Sabatino never showed up.

Sabatino’s lawsuit seeks $19 million for actual and punitive damages.

A few days after that lawsuit was filed in Miami a $5 million lawsuit was filed in New York by a hip-hop promoter who claims Combs allowed three bodyguards to beat him up outside The Box, a New York City nightclub.

According to the lawsuit, after James Waldon saw Combs leaving the club, he invited the entrepreneur to see a hip-hop music group he was promoting. The rap mogul responded by gesturing at a bodyguard "to forcibly remove Mr. Waldon from close proximity to Combs."

Waldon claims to have suffered numerous injuries, including mouth and dental problems, after one bodyguard punched him in the mouth, knocking him onto a table and two other bodyguards hit and kicked him continuously.

After Waldon rolled off the table, Combs’ bodyguards then chased him around the club before he escaped his attackers, according to the lawsuit.

The bodyguards, referred to as three "John Does," and the nightclub are also named in the lawsuit.